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Flora2000 is the world's first floral luxury brand that delivers breathtaking flowers with exceptional care, in over 170 countries.

The Flora2000 experience

The perfect flower is a truly cultivated individual. It is nourished by streams of pure water, nurtured in dappled sunlight and sheltered from the elements until it blossoms into a radiant beauty of heady fragrance.

It is only flowers of this pedigree that are hand-picked by Flora2000 and composed into the most breathtaking floral arrangements. For the last ten years we have been creating these floral works of art.

At the core of Flora2000 are elements that have been and continue to be integral to our growth as pioneers of floral luxury

Celebrity florist David Beahm’s craft and creativity; Marc Blackwell’s designer accessories; hand-picked flowers and growers; breathtaking floral compositions; stunning packaging and dedicated customer service all come together to ensure that every experience at Flora2000 comes up roses.

Growing at over 100% annually since 1999, Orios is amongst the leading Internet companies, owning e-commerce & media properties. 

We are planning a 500% growth in the next 2 years and are interested in partnering with driven and motivated individuals and organizations that are committed to building a strong business that enables mutual growth.

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